Red and purple plums (type Stanley and Victorian) are canned whole or in half sliced/cored out. It is canned either in water, sugar water or fruit juice (with sweet fruit juices such as apple, pear, and grape).

PACKAGING INFORMATION: 314 ml, 425 ml, 580 ml, 850 ml, 1255 ml, 2650 ml (A9), 3000 ml (A10),  4100 ml, 4250 ml tin cans and glass jars according to the customer’s specifications. 

Packaging Details

TIN CAN: 314 ml, 425 ml, 580ml, 850 ml, 1255 ml, 2650 ml (A9), 3000 ml (A10), 4250 ml.

GLASS JARS: In desired dimensions according to the customer’s specifications.